Month: January 2014

Valentine’s Day Etiquette Tips for Couples

Some Valentines Day ideas and etiquette tips that will leave a lasting impression with your sweetie! Valentine’s Day is a busy day for restaurants so if you’re planning on taking your date out for a special dinner, make the reservation

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Passenger 22C: A Story of Poor Airplane Etiquette

On a recent trip from Vancouver to Amsterdam, I encountered Passenger 22C – better known to me now as Mr. Rude. The wheels of the plane had literally just tucked themselves back in when Mr. Rude, who was sitting directly

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Need to Make a Call? Check Your Spacial Hygiene

Yesterday, before a grueling dental appointment I stopped for a bite to eat at Whole Foods. When I discovered all the tables were occupied I headed for the long counter–somewhere I would not normally sit for lunch.  As it was

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